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Shoe Cakes

3 Aug

.. recently someone asked me if I had gotten a Shoe Cake for my birthday.

Considering that my own MOTHER didn’t get me a cake for my birthday, the answer was sadly no.

So.. seriously.. this was the cake she was referring to:

.. be still my heart!

Is this not a cake befitting of a shoe whore??

When I first saw this picture over at CakeWrecks.Com, I couldn’t stop staring at it. I called for everyone who was ANYWHERE NEAR my general vicinity to come and fawn over this confection of awesomeness.

I said that that if anyone wanted to present this cake to me on my birthday, I would die in eternal happiness.

Nobody did.

So I’m just going to guess that nobody wanted me to die!!


Anyway.. having a husband who is in this field and has the ABILITY although not the CREATIVITY to do something like this is like the fish that fell in love with the bird.


I’m rambling.

See what looking at shit like this does to me!!!

I did a little finger walking and found a few other’s that I liked ..

Not so crazy about the actual shoe.. in fact, I even want to say that it isn’t a Manolo Blahnik shoe but one, I’m not 100% sure ( I KNOW!!! Right!!! ME??? ) and two, that’s just splitting fondant and it isn’t fair to the person who created this.

I will say that I absolutely adore the tissue paper and bow.

And I would DEFINITELY NOT turn this cake away if it just so happened to grace my table on my next birthday.

In June.

The 26th.

Just in case you wanted to know!!

This is another cake I went gaga over.

Love the colors.. LOVE THE SHOE!!

In fact, I have a pair of Gucci’s that are soooo similiar I am going to convince myself that someone actually commissioned this cake for me but somewhere between there and here, they hit one of the major pot holes littering the highway that the poor thing just toppled over and became a heap of sugar and fondant mess!!

Because they couldn’t give me a messed up cake, right??

And kudos for them for keeping it a secret!!


I only kidding around folks.. but really, I am blown away by the creativity of these cakes and if you ever watched the Food Network Cake Challenges.. you know just how hard something like this is to pull off.

Now.. if you want to see some NOT so good renditions, check out … you’ll be peeing yourself!

The Ultimate Surviving-Pointy-Toe-Shoe Tip

26 Jul

RoSa Cross Strap Sandal around 132.00 Euro

I absolutely LOVED me some pointy toed shoes.

EXTREME pointy toes!!

They can be pretty painful to wear, especially if you’re like me and don’t have the narrowest of feet.


I think their painful for ANY women, narrow feet or not.

Unless of course, your into the whole Chinese Foot Binding thing then personally, I think you have bigger worries.

At any rate.. Pointy Toe shoes are really fashionably diverse. You can kick them with a dress.. slacks.. OR jeans.

Personally, I like wearing mine casually. Usually in an earth tone with jeans.

Thankfully, my husband is tall enough for me not to surpass his height even wearing 4″ heels.

My first husband was short.. so we kind of looked ridiculous but he had a major shoe fetish so if there was one GOOD thing to say about him it’s that he indulged my passion. But that’s about it.

For some reason, shoe trends have moved more towards either a rounded toe or a squared toe. I don’t like either, personally. Give me drama.. give me a statement.. give me damn extreme pointy toe shoes!!

Here are two personal pairs that I wear all the time:

These are a pair of my Enzo Angiolini’s. They have a tan suede front and a chocolate brown ankle strap that criss-crosses across the front of my foot and secures through a ring and holds with a simple peg.

I’ve had these shoes for about.. um.. six years? Seven maybe? and they are my ABSOLUTE favorite.

Their sole is really flexible and honestly, there were days when I had them on for 8 or 9 hours straight and it felt like I was wearing nothing.

Definitely the GO-TO shoe!

I think I paid around 80.00 for them then at Macy’s.

The picture of the black pair really doesn’t do them justice. By any means.

These are black suede ankle straps with a silver buckle on the toe and a silver medal here by Miss Me.

I think I picked them up for something ridiculous like 15.00 at BareFeet.

NOTE: BareFeet is a great place to get shoes. Not only are they on the inexpensive end but when it’s time to update their stock, they’re sales are RIDICULOUS!!

These pair also have a really flexible sole but the heel is about half the width of the Enzo’s.

Still faboosh, though! I call them my Shiver Your Timbers heels!!

Anyway.. I think I kept you in suspense long enough.

The secret is really very simple. Buy them either a half size or full size bigger then what you normally wear. This seats the balls of your feet differently and allows ample room for the piggies.