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Since We’re Talking Summer.. WTF Is Up With Gladiator Sandles?

29 Jul

For the LIFE of me.. I can’t figure this trend out.

Unless you’re Russell Crowe and wearing a leather strapped Roman kilt.. I can’t see ANY reason why you’d want to put these things on your feet and wear them out in public.

Tweet Lace from GoJane.Com. Priced around 25 bucks

Unless maybe you’re a post-apocolyptic punk rocker… or into the whole alternate lifestyle, I’m just not getting it.

Are you suppose to wear them with jeans? Shorts? Skirts?

Am I just too old and set in my ways to see their value?

Mind you.. I never thought twice about buying a pair of shoes because someone else would think they’re ugly.

I just don’t see the appeal in this type of shoe.

Wanted Tickles at Endless.Com for around 35usd

I will say this though..

There are some types of shoes that don’t look like much on display but have a completely different appeal once they’re being worn.

There are some young girls that I’ve seen wearing Gladiators and they looked cute.

Of course, they were all around 15 with mile high legs no wider then a pencil so maybe that’s what it takes.

So is it me?

How do you feel about Gladiators?

Trend or soon to be staple?

But yknow.. yknow.. stick a heel on these suckers and you won’t be able to hold me back. Check these out from Bebe..

BeBe Gladiatore 189.00

Now.. THAT’s what I’m talking about!!

If I had this pair in front of me, I’d be cradling them like a baby and oooh and aaahh over them.

Maybe even drooling a little but I’d be sure to not get any on the leather!!

These 5″ heels have a half inch platform and while I’m not a fan of platforms in general, I think I’d be able to live with this one.

Anniversary is in 7 days..

Guess what I’m asking for!!

Summertime Tootsies

29 Jul

Here’s a secret..

As much as I love shoes.. I’m actually a bare foot person. There’s nothing I love more then kicking off my shoes when I get home and running around the house or the yard bare footed.

So as soon as the weather starts getting warm, my toes start their campaign to plead their case in front of the parole board and be set free.

There hasn’t been a denial yet!

But just because there’s less SHOE .. doesn’t mean you have to forgo the FABOOSH!

Casadei 2021 1260.00usd Endless.Com

Take, for example, these Casadei sandals on the left. In my world “Faboosh” doesn’t exactly mean expensive but these puppies here go for $1260.00


You, read that right.

Now please get off the floor before the police come and tape around your body.

While I HAVE spent that much on a pair of shoes WAY before the responsibilities of step-parenthood.. I wouldn’t dream of spending that much on a sandal.

And those baubles? Yea.. not real.

Casadei 2097 for 188.10 ON SALE at

So sorry, can’t justify these.. however, if you WANT to have a Casadie sandal, I did find these on the right at a much more reasonable price.

That is.. if you consider 188.10 on sale, a reasonable price. I personally don’t.. again, that’s a lot of money for not that much shoe but to each her own. If you love them, then go for it sunshine!!

Unless I’m going to a function, I like to keep my sandals at a reasonable price. I tend to wear the hell out of them daily so for me, it doesn’t seem prudent to spend a lot of money on them. Under $25 seems reasonable to me.

I went a head and found some really cool sandals at BareFeetShoes.Com that won’t break your bank.

Anna Almeira on sale for 9.99

Although I’m not really a “jelly” person .. I tend to think they make your feet sweat more then wearing two pairs of socks and thermal boots in the winter .. I like the multi color beading on top.

These will go with just about anything in your closet and would make a great shoe for walking on hot sand or even into the ocean.

And for $9.99, you can’t really beat it.

J. Loren for 24.99

I think I already mentioned that I love anything with stones on them and this pair of J. Loren black slides gives a casual shoe a little of the ‘omph’ factor.

I think these would look cute paired with a short skirt or capris.

I don’t necessarily like wearing these types of shoes with long pants but again, to each her own!

By Melody for 24.99

These Melody slides are right up my alley and would fit perfectly with my wardrobe. A little more casual then the black pair but with a little more interesting embellishment.

Don’t know about you, but I tend to lean more towards earth tones when I want something casual and black for something dressier.

But never red.

For some reason, no matter how expensive red shoes are they always look cheap.

Call me quirky.. I accept that sash with pride!!

And alas.. I have no sure fire tips for wearing the thong between your toes. I get just as irritated by them as the next gal so if YOU have a way to beat the blisters or callouses.. give me a holler! I’d love to know about it!

And remember… you’re feet will be out on display so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure they don’t look busted up. Not saying that you should have a professional pedicure every other day, but it doesn’t take much to sand blast the ash off or clip the nails for that matter. Ain’t nothing like looking at some one’s busted up feet to ruin a day!! LOL!!

Foot Savers: FootsyRolls

27 Jul

$30 at FootsyRolls.Com

Sometimes.. just sometimes.. it isn’t feasible to be wearing heels all day.

Or maybe.. you’re a bridesmaid and you’re required to wear a pair of heels that your hatred for is ONLY surpassed by their mission to pinch and bind and rub the balls of your feet raw.

OR maybe your at a holiday party and the shoes your wearing are SO bad ass but require you to be carried from the car into the event and then back to the car.

If you have to go to the bathroom.. you’re screwed.

Possibly you’re a model going on “go-sees” and have to run all over town .. up stairs.. down stairs.. in the subway.. across 6 ┬álane streets…

You get the idea, right?

Well.. FootzyRolls will save the day.

For thirty bucks you’ll get a pair of ballerina flats that fold up so you can carry them in really inconspicuous places.

They come in a wide variety of colors :: mine are sparkly silver because I love making a spectacle of myself!! :: and have a non-skid sole. They come with a pouch for the flats and a larger pouch to hold your heels. Granted, you may not be able to tuck your heels into a clutch.. but I’m positive you’ll be able to find someplace for them until your ready to head back to the comforts of your pig fuzzy slippers.

Instructions? Like..m.. you couldn't figure it out?

The photo on the right here shows you just how simple and convenient FoostyRolls are.

Check out their website HERE to see all their colors and styles.

If you take the plunge… let me know how you like them!