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These Have My Name Written ALL OVER THEM!!

27 Jul

Funtasma's Militant 128

I love.. Love.. LOVE shoes that have belts and buckles and stones and feathers and bows and ribbons and anything and everything that make a statement.

These boots just don’t make a statement, they yell DON’T FUCK WITH ME, BITCH!

I wasn’t even looking for shoes or at shoes when these suckers pointed a loaded gun to my back.

How could I say no?

They also come in Camo but.. yea.. even I think that that’s a little much. With my luck, I get picked up as some kind of high fashionista terrorist or something.. especially because I’m always at Dunkin’ Donuts at weird hours of the morning!

The boots are made by Funtasma and ShoeBuy.Com has them listed at 63.95.

Not a bad price.. especially if you’re not going to wear them all the time.