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Fear Has No Place In Your Shoe Closet

26 Jul

Manolo Blahnik 2008 Collection

How many times have you been in department store.. or at the mall.. and saw a gorgeous pair of heels?

You may have been seduced by the style of the shoe or fell into it’s pool of color and texture but one look at the long, thin heel made you gently put them back and sigh.

” .. I could never walk in them” you say to the girlfriend you’re with. “I’d fall and break my neck”

Sound familiar??

Now.. if I was the girlfriend you were shopping with I’d shove those heels back in your hands and say OH YES YOU CAN and OH NO YOU WON’T!!

Because believe me.. if I can do it.. so can you!

The first time I wore a pair of heels :: Candie’s circa 1979 with a brown mock clog front and ankle strap :: was at my 8th grade graduation and I think my mother was just so damn happy that her tomboy daughter would even consider wearing heels that she had a momentary lapse of parental judgement.

I started out that night walking like a freakin’ Frankenstein-ian truck driver and ended it gliding around like I was born with them on my feet.

What changed in those few hours is my determination .. and as long as you are determined, you’ve won half the battle.

So here are a few tips to help you join the ranks of the Stiletto Army:

Christian Louboutin.. *sigh*

Before dropping a paycheck on a bad ass pair of heels, try picking up a pair that only costs a couple of Jacksons first. Many of today’s discount shoe places are a great resource for beginners.

Always try them on before you buy them. Walk up and down the aisles a few times to get the feel of how they fit your foot. Don’t worry about what the sales people thing. Who cares.. they’re not going anywhere until their shift ends and I’m sure they could use the entertainment!

But remember.. walking on carpet is a lot different then walking on concrete or asphalt.

Look for a sole that is flexible. THIS IS KEY! The more the shoe bends.. the more comfortable and natural your stride will be.

If you are a newbie, then I suggest you find a shoe with a thicker heel. A thicker heel is going to give you more stability. Remember, just the added height is going to freak you out a bit and make you a little wobbly.

Most of all.. you need to practice. Where them around the house.. up and down the steps.. that kind of thing. You’re going to need to develop calf muscles and your foot will be in a position it’s not used to. If necessary, walk around on tip toes just to get your feet, legs and back used to being in that position.

Luckily for the balls of your feet, there are tons of different pads and gel pads and foam pads that adhere to the bottom of your to give your feet an added cushion and prevent your foot from sliding.

Pretty soon.. you’ll have the confidence and ability to wear stilettos like nobody’s business.

Just don’t tell them your secret!